Day 648: Ukraïnian Map

Day 648: Ukraïnian Map

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4 December, 2023
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4tht December 2023. RFs now standing at approximately 332k+ Military Personnel Losses.

Creator's Overall Point of View:
These analysis videos tend to make commentaries on the shortfalls of an autocratic way of governance, like that of Russia's.

More over, it's been relatively easy to come across (in my daily research findings) examples of failures of this autocratic system (wherein power is consolidated by one person at the top[Putin]).

Thereby, creating a system where people within that system are afraid to speak truth to power - an inability for Russian Henchmen/Oligarchs to communicate to the Person at the top - openly, about the critical (pernicious) issues facing their country economically, militarily and technologically.

ie. An increasingly isolated and unaware Vladimir 'Presitator' Putin.

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** Videos created for purposes such as criticism, commenting, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. This content is edited as short excerpts and shared only for the purpose of awareness; all with a dose of Political Satire, and from the perspective of Education & Technology.

*** Unexpectedly inspired by the political news and educational show stylings of John Oliver & Seth Meyers. Elements of political satire included.

Further information:
I do not condone vioIence. Please note instead that I do support a Country's right to protect and defend its own sovereignty, the right to exist, and maintain its freedom and way of life.

Peace Out.

Juzzie: Military Supply Chain and Logistics Specialist. Technologist. Part-Ukraïnian. All Love.

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